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We are located in Mexico and USA

contactus@mechdes.comWe offer cost competitive solutions for 3D modeling, structural analysis and drafting needsCAD CAE
Our CAD services range from 3D modeling to drafting , from reverse engineering to new concept design. We have a strong mechanical engineering background that let us not only draw or model your part , we can also engineer your need.
We can support  on demand any of the following CAD platforms, weather it is in house or at our own facilityWe specialize in computer simulations, weather is structural or any kind of analysis we can help find the weak spots of your design.
Whatever is your need, as simple as meshing or as complicated as model correlation and design recommendation our engineers can carry out the work.
Our experience in the field can assure you the correct usage of this powerful tool in order to get reliable results.  We know how important are the decisions derived from our recommendation and approximation to reality.
Let us help you find the problems before they occur.Contact us We are located in Mexico and




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